8th of March — FLINTA* Poster

Today, on the 8th of March, we are delighted to present our poster: „Tips for the Equal Treatment of FLINTA* People in the Bouldering Gym!“ We aim to enhance the experience for FLINTA* individuals everywhere and aspire to see this poster displayed in other gyms in the future.

This poster is the result of collective efforts from Kosmos Flinta*AG, community members, and co-workers. We collaborated diligently, and some of our team members are featured in the picture.

Two versions of the poster (in English and German) are available on the Kosmos website. The PDFs are optimized for DIN A1 printing, but DIN A2 works as well. Feel free to download and print it for your gym! 

Let’s work together to make bouldering a safe space for everyone! ❤️